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Thread: Player-Sponsored Public PvP Event

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    I was blue, but everyone could attack me (as you can see in the picture, taking damage....) you guys we're just mad you got rolled. it was a simple bug, deal with it cry babies.
    On another note, that event was fun and we should have one next week.

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    ^ Your taste in music is still disturbing.

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    You deleted me on facebook. And now you're going to die.

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    there was 4 round was there not? Why not show round 1? oh i know why.

    Joshuaa i was attacked by you and you were blue, I ran away because what good is it to stand there and let someone i can't attack kill me like the other 4 to 5 people you killed prior to running to me? Unlike them i did not stand there thinking WTF he is blue, attacking me and i cant't do anything about it ...flop dead. A good 95% of the rebels couldn't attack you directly, AoE were able to hit you though. 1 round would have been a bug more than 1 = you exploiting a bug. Truth hurts i know.
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