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Thread: [Event] Get a Clue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cRush View Post
    We will be providing an update on the quest, revealing a little more info, since a few people have already managed to complete it.
    Looking forward to it!

    Quote Originally Posted by chiwar7178 View Post
    I remember the drop****--got screenies of it, too.
    Post them, please! :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreen View Post
    They will when someone puts up a screenie of the prize
    The prize is a recording of Never Gonna Give You Up, isn't it...
    Quote Originally Posted by cRush View Post
    Time for kids to start playing with integrity instead of being selfish, arrogant a**holes.

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    is this where that painting came from ?

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    Ok, seems after reading several pages of this thread it seems nobody know's what is going on, or has a "CLUE" is this a joke? or is it a real event to where we have to play detective of some sorts.. like sherlock maybe?
    someone give me a clue on whats going on...

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    You guys talking about... these?? --->

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennismac View Post
    You guys talking about... these?? --->
    lemme guess, you're missing clue #7 .... lol
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    100 TK's to 1 Fencer........ just like old school SWG. Everything's going according, as i have forseen it

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    Quote Originally Posted by PR Noyes View Post
    The answer is "42"

    Thanks for all the fish ...
    Don't Panic!
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    cRush and Kreen are part of the CLUE, thats all im sayin'.

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    Just found a 70% spot of CLUE on Naboo,
    so i put some Harvesters on Naboo to get that CLUE,
    but sadly there was a Bug in my CLUE Harvesters hopper,
    so when opening the hopper the CLUE was a goner,
    so i was standing there in the wilderness of Naboo,
    whining about not having a CLUE.

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    <NINE> has 3 members who completed the CLUE event.

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    I'm still so confused.

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    CLUE Event Update!

    Congratulations to those who have figured out the CLUE Event! To give everyone a fighting chance, we've decided to give you all one final hint!

    In order to proceed in the CLUE Event, you must loot 11 CLUE Datadisks (you must have all 11 in your inventory when you start the event, and they will be destroyed). The CLUE Datadisks will lead you to an NPC who will give you the quest. Be warned, it involves a lot of puzzles, riddles, and finding things! Bring your thinking caps!

    The prize for finishing the event is 1 random special edition pair of goggles and 1 random veteran reward painting or Krayt Dragon skull. You may have already noticed a couple players in-game wearing their new goggles!

    If there's a time to get starting working on those CLUEs, it's now! CLUE datadisks will only be dropping for one more week! After this weekend, they will be removed from the loot tables, and you'll have to trade with other players to get the full set of 11. The actual quest will remain in-game along with the prizes.

    Good luck to everyone, and get hunting!

    Retired SWGEmu Staff
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    Holy **** goggles?!

    Sad thing I never started playing on Bas lol

    Good luck everyone!

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