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Thread: Nova Test Center Update 03/22/2011

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    Nova Test Center Update 03/22/2011

    TC: Nova Update 03/22/2011

    SWGEmu Development Division

    TC: Nova Update 03/22/2011

    • Initial Vendor Code
    • Planetary Weather System
    • Armor and Clothing Attachments
    • Slicing
    • Forage and Medical Forage

    Initial Vendor Code

    Please remember that bazaars have been changed to allow for the new vendor functions, so please test EVERYTHING related to the bazaar terminals as well. In order to stress test the vendor search function we want to increase the count of items to be searched. Please put whatever items you can on vendors to help us to get the total galaxy item count as high as possible!

    Please help us test some of the following functions related to vendors:
    • Vendor Creation, Placement & Administration
    • Vendor List: For Sale
    • Post-Sale actions
    • Vendor List: Offers to Vendor
    • Vendor List: Available Items
    • Advertisement
    • Galaxy-wide Vendor Search
    • NPC Vendor clothing customization
    • Removed, Empty and Unused vendor management
    • Merchant Skill and Vendor Functionality

    Planetary Weather System

    The weather system has been added on all planets including an optional sandstorm effects feature. This allows severe sandstorms on Tatooine and Lok to damage and disrupt players. This feature will be disabled by default upon release of the emulator, but can be enabled easily by server managers in a script. A level 4 sandstorm will result in blind, wounds and knockdown to exposed, unprotected players. There is protective clothing available. To see the list follow the link below. Armour will also protect against sandstorms.

    - Every 10 seconds, a player will receive blind, wounds, and a knockdown chance.

    Armor and Clothing Attachments

    These are randomly generated on the blue frogs. We would like to see testing done as a result of the Skill Enhancement offered from the attachment. This means if you receive an attachment with a particular modifier, please attach and attempt to use the skill, noting any gains given from the attachment. Report a bug to mantis if the SEA doesn’t supply the modifier as displayed in the description.


    Please try to slice weapons as per the skill.

    Forage and Medical Forage

    You should be able to forage 3 times per 10m area every 30 minutes. Foraged food should be working.
    Please test these rules and foraged food... We know that bait won't really work because fishing is broken at the moment.

    Medical forage has the same rules as forage except that you can get resources and medical components, but not bait. The components don't have stats as this is not yet implemented. You will get 1 unit of flora each time you get resources. This is normal and how it was during pre-cu.

    More detailed description of everything listed here, with details on what and how to test can be found here:
    TC: Nova update March 22, 2011

    ~ SWGEmu Development Division
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    sounds great, just what the Doctor ordered, hope this helps get a few people more on to test it!

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    Old stuffs, but good stuffs >:[]

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    That weather systems sounds pretty sweet, a possible added difficulty.

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    Can't believe no one has whinged about how the new weather is not Pre-CU...

    Pretty cool update. Thanks team.

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    Very cool! Keep up the good work!

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    Ohh new stuff to play with!
    (by that I mean break)

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    i like the idea with ranger tents protecting against tat lok sandstorms

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    Sweet update! I like the sand storm option too. Glad to see that work was done on slicing and one more step to completing economy portion of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atldarkphoenix View Post
    i like the idea with ranger tents protecting against tat lok sandstorms

    I'm starting on camps now and they will protect players from them!
    Anakis Seska
    Code Slinger

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    yay anakis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakis View Post
    I'm starting on camps now and they will protect players from them!
    I just felt a tingle in my special place.

    Oh, no thats just Mahonra under my desk. hehe.

    Thanks Vlada for update and thanks Anakis for good stuff!!!

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    Awesome stuff. Is there a way to get armor and clothes from the blue frog with sockets? I was hoping to test some SEA's but I am unable to find any clothing/armor with sockets (including stuff on bazaar). Or, should I take up some crafting...

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