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    by Published on 07-05-2015 05:53 AM   

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    We are using Jenkins & Gerrit. You can find all commits to Test Center Nova here. You can still report all bugs you find on Test Center Nova to the Mantis Bug Tracker. A helpful guide to bug reporting can be found here.
    Our current focus is the Pub lish 8 Checklist. Features planned to be in publish 8 can be seen in the SWGEmu Roadmaps

    Non linked Mantis reports are in the dev/QA area and can not be viewed with out dev/QA access.

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are being tested

    TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
    • (stable)[Fixed] Stability issue

    dannuic (Developer)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Mask scent now won't break once you succeed as long as you stay in range

    (Lead Core Developer)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Adjusting stats/levels on a pet undoing mount training. Mantis #6451
    • (unstable)[Fixed] A guild leader can claim a guild hall if the owner hasn't logged in for 28 days
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Some misc issues with guilds
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Guild SUI strings not including names. Mantis #5188
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Guilds now check and cleanup their sponsored players list during their weekly update
    • (unstable)[Added] Guild elections
    • (unstable)[Added] Temporary ability for staff guild leaders to trigger guild updates (for QA)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Guild SUIs can no longer have multiples open at once
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Guild info SUI boxes not being added to the ghost
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Pets not always ending duels properly when their owner ends a duel. Mantis #6276
    • (unstable)[Fixed] No-trade issue
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 3
    • (unstable)[Moved] Some files
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Some static loot boxes having an invalid loot group
    • (unstable)[Fixed] DOT list issue
    • (unstable)[Removed] Unused member from SpawnArea
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Some creature templates with broken control device templates

    Miztah (Developer)
    • (unstable)[Added] Jukeboxes
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Issue with active areas and cells

    • (unstable)[Fixed] Compile issue

    (Code Contributors)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Jedi Robes' Force Power Max and Regen not applying when equipped with lightsaber. Mantis #4894

    (Community contributors)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Thrawn reward for either AT-AT or Tie armor set. Mantis #5222
    • (unstable)[Refactored] Theme park rewards that are a set of items
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Jedi Force Run 2 and 3 now reduce damage by 95%. Mantis #5187
    • (unstable)[Fixed] NPCs have file path identities. Mantis #6444

    (Community contributors)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Missing locker in AuctionManagerImplementation::cancelItem

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division
    by Published on 06-07-2015 08:38 AM   

    Publish 7: The Source Awakens

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    Publish 7: The Source Awakens

    • Greatly Improved server stability
    • Made some performance optimizations
    • Fixed many instances where objects were not properly being destroyed from the database
    • Added heralds to all planets that will direct players towards various points of interest
    • Added dynamic Black Sun spawns to Dathomir, Endor, and Yavin 4
    • The Endor smuggler outpost now has a functional tavern
    • Taming a baby at a static spawn will no longer cause that mob to cease respawning
    • A sarlacc will now erupt and disease anyone nearby when a player approaches too closely
    • All types of dynamic spawns will now despawn when no player has been in range for 5 minutes (instead of just lair spawns)
    • Added distant ship flyovers above static cities
    • Added many more possible destroy missions to all planets and faction terminals (including many humanoid missions)
    • Reduced the size of a no-build zone on Tatooine
    • Many mobs now distinguish between special protections and effectiveness resists when examined
    • Fixed the resists/armor of many mobs
    • Wild creatures and wild tamed creature pets will now always have a 2.0 attack speed (not retroactive to existing pets)
    • Creatures can now have a special attack 2 without having a special attack 1
    • Fixed special attacks on many creatures
    • Creatures will now use their special attacks less frequently
    • Mobs will no longer regen HAM while in combat but will now regen it faster when not in combat
    • Fixed several other mob details
    • Most npcs should now have randomly generated names
    • Many npcs will now be talkative in reaction to their environment
    • Imperial npcs no longer take disrespectful emotes directed towards them lightly and will respond
    • Mobs will now be less prone to fleeing when a player approaches
    • Ai will no longer be aggressive towards vehicles, but will still be able to attack them
    • Ai can now be aggressive towards players who are riding a mount or vehicle
    • Adjusted aggro determinations so that aggressive NPCs will aggro more reliably (and from further away)
    • NPCs are now smarter about selecting attacks and should use their special attacks at a more consistent rate
    • Mobs are now more likely to engage their enemies in combat (mob vs. mob)
    • AI awareness is no longer dependent on player movement. As long as players are in range, mobs should be active
    • Aggressive mobs are much less likely to drop aggro when a player tries to /peace
    • Tougher mobs should now apply longer lasting states
    • A mob's resistances will now degrade based on their battle fatigue (beyond 500)
    • Added loot to some mobs that were dropping none before
    • Jedi sentinels no longer drop loot, give very little xp when killed, and will respawn faster
    Events/Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests
    • Added Hero of Tatooine quests
    • Added generic quests to criminals, scientists, businessmen, and nobles
    • Rewrote all existing Death Watch Bunker code to fix issues with it
    • Added new functionality to the Death Watch Bunker
    • The Bestine Museum curator no longer limits a player to one schematic purchase
    • Captain Heff should now remove the warren evidence from your datapad when you turn it in
    • Fixed a couple of issues with Nym's themepark containers
    • There is now combat spam for incurred wounds and battle fatigue, posture changes, armor mitigation, and state application/removal
    • Fixed grenade combat spam
    • Players can no longer be attacked while loading
    • Players in the same group can no longer attack each other except when in a duel
    • /peace will now clear the combat queue
    • The combat hit equation has been modified to be closer to live
    • Counter attacks have been fixed and re-enabled. They will no longer delay a player's combat queue
    • Adjusted melee combat range to account for latency when chasing a moving target
    • Multiple attributes can now be wounded by a single attack
    • Mobs now have hit boxes and one will no longer be required to stand inside of larger creatures to hit them in melee
    • Added generic weapon type checks to combat commands to fix some issues where certain commands could be used with the wrong type of weapon
    • PvP "House TEFs" have been added. A player executing abilities in PvP will now be ejected from and won't be able to enter a player structure for 5 minutes
    • It should no longer be possible to incapacitate oneself by using combat abilities
    • healing now generates less threat
    • Wearing a PSG should no longer sometimes increase the amount of damage that you take when the attacker has a high AP weapon
    • Many more actions are now prevented by warcry (or a similar delay)
    • many more actions are now prevented by the swimming state
    • Non-damaging state attacks (warcry, intimidate, etc.) are now only subject to the target's state defense (and no longer have to beat their primary defense as well)
    • Modified the formula for state application/defense chances to be closer to live
    • Intimidation now lowers min and max damage instead of just max damage
    • Intimidation from different sources now stack their effect
    • Intimidation now also lowers primary defenses
    • Increased the chance to successfully stand while dizzy
    • Increased the damage and accuracy bonus and the defense penalty from going berserk
    • The stunned state now imposes a larger damage reduction
    • Slightly increased the accuracy penalty from the blinded state
    • Fixed knockdown and posture change delays and dizzy flopping
    • forced posture changes will now cancel an active burstrun/retreat
    • Droids are now immune to blind, dizzy, stun, intimidate, delays, and biological dots
    • Vehicles are now immune to blind, dizzy, stun, intimidate, delays, biological dots, and posture changes
    • AT-STs and AT-ATs are now immune to blind, dizzy, stun, intimidate, delays, and posture changes
    • When applying multiple dots of the same type and pool to a target, weaker ones will no longer overwrite stronger ones
    • Reapplying a dot with the same or greater strength will no longer push back the tick of the existing dot. Instead, it extends it's duration and increases it's strength to that of the new one (if greater)
    • Weapon dots can now be applied one per weapon rather than one per type of weapon
    • The damage of dots applied from weapon attacks is now reduced by the target's armor
    • Bleeds now do damage once every 20 seconds
    • Fixed the order in which dots are healed
    • DoTs are no longer automatically cleared from a player or pet that is incapacitated and will resume their damage/wounding when the player/pet recovers
    • Players must now be within 80m of a mob when it dies to gain xp from the kill
    • Damage from dots now counts towards kill credit
    • Disengaging from combat during a battle will no longer clear a player's credit towards loot rights

    • The plain short robe can now be crafted with sockets
    • Vehicle customization kits can now be crafted in a generic crafting tool (requires a newly crafted tool)
    • Fixed a rounding error when calculating xp for practice mode
    • Fixed sampling checks to prevent sampling DNA from droids and other invalid mobs
    • Refined dna sample stat generation and pet crafting formulas to be closer to live
    • Bio-engineered pets will have their stats/level checked to see if they align with the new formulas. Any outliers will prompt the owner to have their stats or level fixed
    Bounty Hunter:
    • Bounty missions will no longer fail when your pet gets the killing blow
    • Bounty missions will no longer fail if a dot gets the killing blow
    • Arakyd droids can now be used at investigation 1
    • Lunge attacks can no longer be used while kneeling or prone
    Creature Handler:
    • The transfer command can now be used with a non-CH as a target (provided all the requirements are met)
    • The special attack commands are now functional
    • Adjusted the formula for CH xp granted from combat to be closer to live
    • Newly tamed pets should now automatically follow their owner
    • It should no longer be possible to heal/cure while swimming
    • Cure packs no longer apply their full strength to every dot on the target
    • Buffing no longer has faction restrictions
    Droid Engineer:
    • Added framework for droid module functionality. Only newly crafted modules will be functional.
    • Added functionality to the following modules: crafting station, armor, auto-repair, medical, item storage, data storage, repair, stimpack dispenser, effects, detonation, merchant barker, combat, playback, trap, harvest, and structure maintenance modules
    • Module clusters should now function properly
    • Droids without combat modules or innate combat capability should no longer attack and should now flee when being attacked
    • Added some functionality to personality chips
    • Droids with personality chips are now programmed via conversation
    • Soft Logging should no longer stop a player's performance
    • Trap throwing speed is now static and no longer based on the speed of a player's equipped weapon
    • When throwing a trap vs. a target that is not in combat, combat is no longer initiated until the trap lands
    • Only rangers should now be able to tell when something is stalking them
    • Area track animals will no longer show droids
    • Strafe shot 1 and 2 will now remove the cover state and apply a delay to anyone that has cover removed
    Squad Leader:
    • Group terrain negotiation should now function
    • All squad leader group modifier should apply and persist more reliably
    • boost morale should now distribute wounds properly
    • Squad leader group skill mods and activated commands will now only affect group members in the same building as they are (or only those outdoors if the Squad Leader is outdoors)
    • It should no longer be possible for a squad leader to incapacitate themselves by using their abilities
    • Skill mods added to an item from a schematic will no longer overwrite the skill mods an item gains from bio-enhanced components
    • Components crafted into weapons should now be visible on the final weapon, where appropriate
    • Added anti-decay kits to veteran rewards
    • Added datadisk loot kit and components to loot
    • Added empty datapad loot kit and components to loot
    • Added additional checks to prevent trading of no-trade items
    • Removing a powerup from a weapon now destroys it rather than placing it back in your inventory
    • When applying an attachment with multiple, same value skill mods, the first listed should now properly be chosen
    • The chance for a looted item to be exceptional or legendary now scales with the level of the mob it dropped from
    • Adjusted weapon decay. Weapons now have a chance to decay by 1 point with every attack instead of always decaying by a fraction of a point with every attack.
    • The chance for a mob to have loot was adjusted on nearly every mob in game. Now, generally, the higher level the mob is, the higher the chance for it to have loot
    • Follow other command now works with non-player creature targets
    • It's no longer possible to store a pet while you are in combat
    • Faction pets can now only attack and be attacked by opposite faction targets
    • Pet stims can now only be used on creature pets
    • The ranged attack and special attack commands can now only be taught to pets that have the corresponding ability/attack
    • Get patrol point and clear patrol points commands can now be taught
    • Pet patrol commands are now functional
    • Pet follow range is no longer based on the pet's equipped weapon
    • Pets should no longer re-aggro previous targets after death or being stored
    • It should now be possible to call a pet within any public building
    • Un-equipping a weapon now properly updates a player's level
    • Structure permission lists will now automatically remove entries of deleted players and update entries of players whose name has been changed
    • Faction point caps now only increase for your current faction when you take a promotion
    • Fixed faction point gains/losses from pvp deathblows
    • Resigning from a faction now removes any faction you have beyond your new cap
    • It should no longer be possible to get stuck with an unhealable, non-damaging dot state
    • Fixed the distances to which spatial chat and emotes will now carry. That distance is now based upon the chat type
    • A player can now claim a new veteran reward for every 360 days accrued beyond the pre-set milestones
    • Canceling a crafting session during the add ingredient step can no longer cause some components to be lost. Components will now always return to inventory even if it overfills it
    • It's no longer possible to store clone data where it is already stored
    • Clone data will continue to be stored when a player clones
    • Cloning to a pre-designated facility no longer applies 100 battle fatigue
    • Player event perks can now be deployed while mounted
    • A weekly update is now performed for each guild. During this update, the member list will be cleaned up.
    • Guild renaming now happens during the guild's next weekly update instead of always 1 week later.
    • Guilds now must have a minimum of 5 members. If a guild is below the minimum during it's weekly update, it will be disbanded.
    • Guild management terminals are now automatically associated with the guild of the hall's owner
    • Maintenance can now be withdrawn from PA halls
    • A group leader can now select the loot rule to use. Functional rules right now include 'Free For All' and 'Master Looter'
    Player Cities
    • Cities no longer perform their very first update after 24 hours. The first update is now performed after 1 week.
    • The citizen assessment that a new city (and a city that drops below 10 citizens) performs is now independent of the city update cycle and therefore will no longer delay elections from happening when they are scheduled to do so.
    • During a city update in which an election takes place, the election is now processed before city contraction/expansion. This ensures that a newly elected mayor gets any mails relevant to the update instead of the old mayor.
    • Mail is now properly sent to a mayor when a city is first started, after a citizen assessment occurs, any time a citizen is lost or gained, any time a structure is added to a city that wasn't added by the mayor, any time a structure/decoration/terminal/trainer is removed from a city for being outside city limits after city contraction, from a lack of maintenance, or because there were too many for the new city rank
    • Mail is now properly sent to a player who becomes a citizen via a city's expansion or whose structure is added to a city by any other means
    • Mail is now sent to all citizens when a mayoral candidate unregisters from an election
    • A player city must now be rank 3 or higher to set a specialization
    • A city specialization can now be removed at any time (even when a city is on cooldown for setting a new one)
    • The defense bonus from the stronghold specialization now only applies to a city's militia members, and only when attacked by another player
    • Adding a non-garden decoration to a player city now has the proper politician skill check
    • Fixed the info displayed on all of the city reports
    • City banned players that later become citizens will have their ban automatically removed. Any citizens already banned in their own city will have their bans lifted automatically
    • A city must now be at least rank 2 in order to have taxes levied. A city contracting to rank 1 will have all tax rates set to zero
    • The incumbent will now always win a city election that ends in a tie (if the incumbent is one of those tied for the lead)
    • Any mayoral candidate that loses their citizenship will now automatically be removed from the race
    • Whenever a player loses citizenship, their vote in the current mayor election is properly removed
    • If a mayor is deleted, their city's civic structures are no longer deleted along with them and a new mayor can be elected to take their place
    • Player city bank terminals, mission terminals, and skill trainers will now only register on the planetary map if their city is registered
    • A mayor can now align a decoration or mission terminal's facing to north, south, east, or west after it has been placed in the city
    • A city that doesn't have the funds to pay for it's specialization during it's update will have it removed
    • A city that doesn't have the funds to pay for it's registration during it's update will be unregistered
    • A player who has been city banned can no longer use that city's skill trainers or slice that city's mission terminals
    • City banned players no longer receive the benefit of a city specialization
    • /cityban, /citypardon, and /grantzoningrights now require both the player issuing the command and the target to be within city limits
    • When a city contracts, civic structures that required the previous rank are no longer deleted immediately but will be deleted during the following city update if the city does not expand back to the original rank
    • Skill trainer and mission terminal limits are now enforced when a city contract. Any trainers or terminals beyond the new limits are removed
    • Garden city rank requirements are now enforced during city updates and gardens are at risk of being destroyed if the city's rank remains below the requirement.
    • Newsnet terminals are now usable
    • Weather effect duration now scales down with severity
    • Updated player, vendor, guild, and city naming filter checks to be closer to live
    • Fixed the way in which certain commands are queued so that they will no longer get queued multiple times in some situations
    • Added/Improved more admin commands for staff
    by Published on 06-03-2015 10:06 AM   

    Basilisk Publish 7 Merge

    June 7th 2015
    The SWGEmu Team

    Basilisk Publish 7 Merge - June 7th 2015

    On Sunday, June 7th, 3 AM EST (
    9 AM CET - Check your local time here), Basilisk will be taken offline. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA on when it will be back. During this time, the code from Nova will be merged with the Basilisk code.

    This means that any changes that were made on Nova, will now be on Basilisk.

    As it is with every merge, it's expected to be unstable for the next week or so and bugs are
    inevitably going to pop up. Any and all bugs found should be reported on our Bug Tracker (Mantis). If you don't know how to report bugs, you can find more info here.

    Basilisk patch notes will be added at the beginning of the merge.
    • If you need support please submit a ticket to support or join us at live support
    • As always TC: Nova and Basilisk server status are available on our front page www.swgemu.com or on our IRC #status channel.
    We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you on Basilisk as soon as it's back online.

    ~ The SWGEmu Team
    by Published on 11-16-2014 05:52 AM   

    Publish 6: AI Strikes Back

    • Improved server stability
    • Improved server performance
    • Added a new Artificial Intelligence system (see AI section)
    • Added additional unit tests to verify that mobile/lair templates have valid values
    • New types of spawns have been implemented (dynamic/theater)
    • Added many new random spawns to all planets
    • Random spawns in the wild will now generally spawn further apart
    • Spawns should no longer end up outside of planetary boundaries
    • Mobs left behind when a lair is destroyed will now despawn on their own if not killed
    • Lairs (and their mobs) will now despawn on their own if no players are nearby for a time
    • The sarlaccs on Tatooine and Dathomir will now disease players who wander too close without protection
    • Added some static spawns to Naboo, Endor, and Dantooine
    • Changed the static spawns at the Sulfur Lake Pirate Hideout on Lok to the correct ones
    • Added static spawns to the Gas Mine on Lok
    • Added static spawns to the Imperial Research Facility on Lok
    • The number of spawns at a destroy mission now varies with the mission's difficulty
    • Ben Kenobi's house is now off limits
    • The rebel hideout on Corellia now has the correct turrets (and they'll now respawn)
    • Many mobs had one or more of their stats/details corrected
    • Adjusted the size of most creatures
    • Fixed the default ranged attack animation for creatures
    • Modified the accuracy calculation for npcs/creatures/turrets
    • Added wound chance to some npc weapons that were missing it
    • The npc version of the nightsister energy lance now properly does energy damage
    • Creature disease and poison dots should tick for more reasonable amounts
    • Turrets will now attack a random ham pool rather than always health
    • Turret attacks now consider mitigation and posture, will break attack delays, and can now cause wounds
    • Non-GCW faction npcs will now consider a player's faction with their group when deciding whether to be aggressive or not
    • Faction gains/losses from PvE kills are now based on the level of mob that was killed rather than being a static amount
    • Rewrote faction recruiter conversations and fixed some bugs with them
    • More junk dealers are now fully functional
    • Npcs/creatures will no longer react to, attack, or follow invisible staff characters
    • Many mobs will now wander about when not in combat
    • Pack type mobs will now assist one another when attacked
    • AI can now attack other AI and will aggro enemies if they wander too close
    • AI will now return to their spawn point if pulled too far away
    • Improved AI awareness logic
    • Added Event Promoter npcs with a limited selection of decorations for rent
    • Added Bestine museum event
    • Added Cries of Alderaan Act 1 event
    • Added the 2004 Wookiee Life Day event/quest (available during December)
    • Added/rewrote all Geo Lab conversations
    • Fixed issues with Geo Lab door unlocking
    • Key cards in the Geo Lab should now be obtainable and functional
    • Geo lab keypads can now be sliced open
    • Fixed several issues with the Warren
    Theme Parks/Quests
    • Fixed many issues with theme park/quest NPC conversations
    • Factional quests can no longer be attempted while on leave
    • Added support for quests with a destructible building
    • Enemy quest targets are now more aggressive towards the one with the quest
    • Group members can now assist with theme parks/quests provided the quest owner is nearby
    • Escort targets will now take on the faction and status of the player attempting to escort them and will be attackable while being escorted
    • Hedon Istee quest line now requires an elite combat profession to undertake
    • Rewrote RIS armor quest and fixed some issues with it
    • Added Record Keeper npcs
    • Added Nym's theme park
    • Added Lady Valarian theme park
    • Added Zicx bug bomb quest line
    • Added Polished krayt skull quest line
    • Added Lady Hutt quest line
    • Added Arven Wendik quest line
    • Added Blerx Tango quest line
    • Added Boss Nass quest line
    • Added Bren Kingal quest line
    • Added Champhra Biahin quest line
    • Added Chertyl Ruluwoor quest line
    • Added Coraline Dynes quest line
    • Added Corran Horn quest line
    • Added Denell Kel'Vannon quest line
    • Added Didina Lippinoss quest line
    • Added Farious Gletch quest line
    • Added Fixer quest line
    • Added Gilker Budz quest line
    • Added Ging Darjeek quest line
    • Added Gins Darone quest line
    • Added Gramm Rile quest line
    • Added Hal Horn quest line
    • Added Haleen Snowline and Hagrin Zeed quest lines
    • Added Huff Zinga quest line
    • Added Igbi Freemo quest line
    • Added Ikka Gesul quest line
    • Added Irenez and Garm Bel Iblis quest line
    • Added Jadam Questrel quest line
    • Added Jaleela Bindoo quest line
    • Added Jilljoo Jab quest line
    • Added Kaeline Ungasan quest line
    • Added Kirkin Liawoon quest line
    • Added Kormund Thrylle quest line
    • Added Leb Slesher quest line
    • Added Lergo Brazee quest line
    • Added Lian Byrne quest line
    • Added Lorne Prestar quest line
    • Added Lt. Harburik quest line
    • Added Luthin Dlunar quest line
    • Added Mourno Draver quest line
    • Added Mozo Bondog and Dolac Legasi quest line
    • Added Mullud Bombo quest line
    • Added Noren Krast quest line
    • Added Nurla Slinthiss quest line
    • Added Om Aynat quest line
    • Added Oxil Sarban quest line
    • Added Palejo Reshad quest line
    • Added Phinea Shantee quest line
    • Added Radlee Mathiss quest line
    • Added Raxa Binn quest line
    • Added Rovim Minnoni quest line
    • Added Ruwan Tokai quest line
    • Added Sergeant Tarl and Gillad Pellaeon quest lines
    • Added Sidoras Bey quest line
    • Added Sigrix Slix quest line
    • Added Sindra Lintikoor quest line
    • Added Slooni Jong quest line
    • Added Stella quest line
    • Added Stoos Olko quest line
    • Added Talon Karrde quest line
    • Added Tamvar Senzen quest line
    • Added Thrackan Sal Solo quest line
    • Added Tolan Nokkar quest
    • Added Vana Sage quest line
    • Added Vordin Sildor quest line
    • Added Wallaw Loowobbli quest line
    • Added Wilhalm Skrim and Prefect Talmont quest line
    • Added Xalox Guul quest line
    • Added Xarot Korlin quest line
    • Out of range messages from intimidate use are now only broadcast to the player who used the command
    • Bleeds from weapon dots will now consider the target's bleed resist skill
    • Bleeds from special attacks will now consider the target's combat bleeding defense skill
    • Poison and disease from weapon dots and combat medics will now consider the target's poison/disease resist skill
    • Fires from weapon dots will now consider the target's fire resist skill
    • Accuracy while moving skill mods now function to reduce the penalty to accuracy caused by moving
    • Weapon range modifier now displays next to one's target
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed a player to get more xp than intended
    • Counterattacks will now attack
    • It is no longer possible to attack with a ranged weapon while prone and in melee range
    • Commands with a verbal component will now only have it broadcast a minimum of once every 30 seconds.
    • NPCs can now be affected by dizzy
    • The stunned state now properly reduces damage done

    • Padded armor belts can now be crafted with sockets
    • Pet deeds now have stats and can be tamed or sampled from
    • Unattackable creatures can no longer be sampled from
    Bounty Hunter:
    • Bounty mission targets will no longer be aggressive or stalkers
    • Added a few more possible bounty mission targets
    • The direction and distance reported by a BH droid should now be accurate if you're inside a structure when the droid reports back
    • Arakyd droids should no longer land inside structures, but will no longer follow you
    • Arakyd droids will now despawn if not used after a time
    • It is now possible to intimidate, taunt, and warcry while kneeling
    • Fixed the unarmed damage skill mod not adding as much damage as it should
    • All carbineer cone attacks have had their cone width increased
    • Wild shot 2 is now a cone attack
    • High quality Parwan Nutricake should no longer leave one permanently tired
    • Parwan Nutricake and K-18 rations should now properly reduce burst run's HAM cost and can no longer be used while burst run is active
    Creature Handler:
    • Tamed pets will now retain the (baby) in their name until explicitly renamed
    • A pet must now be taught 4 unique commands in order to be named
    • Pet level checks when trading and calling now considers the pet's adult level
    • Pets will now show their master's name when examined
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a baby to remain unattackable when taming doesn't complete properly
    • Pets can now attack in PvE and CH xp can be gained via PvE combat
    • Faction awards from PvP kills will now go to a pet's owner if the pet gets the kill
    • Pets will now obey the stay and follow commands when in combat
    • When exiting combat, pets will now return to their pre-combat stay/follow state
    • Pets should now always appear next to you when called
    • It's now possible to group your pets when you aren't the group leader
    • There is now a system message when destroying a pet control device
    • Dead or incapacitated pets will no longer respond to commands issued via /tellpet
    • Pets issued the attack command will remain focused on the command's target until it dies or they are issued a new command
    • Pets will now switch targets when ordered to via the attack command
    • Pets will now respond more promptly to commands issued to them while in combat
    Droid Engineer:
    • Droids now require power in order to obey the group command
    • Interplanetary survey droids are now functional
    Image Designer:
    • The image design process will now properly pull credits from both cash and bank
    • Fixed several bugs in preparation for the day Jedi will be attainable
    • Fixed xp granted by healing, tending wounds, and enhancing
    • /healdamage will now work properly if a lair/turret is targeted
    • It's no longer possible to buff/heal wounds while outdoors in a medical center city
    • Selling an item from stockroom will no longer count the item's size twice in the item limit check
    • Retrieving an item from a vendor now considers the item's size when checking inventory space
    • Re-listing an item from stockroom should no longer move the item to the vendor you're at if it was on a different vendor
    • It will no longer be possible to place items for sale if the merchant has more vendors than their maximum
    • Vendor names on overhead and planetary maps will no longer include the "Vendor: " prefix
    • Droid/terminal vendors in player cities will no longer use the city's name when registered
    • A vendor is now properly considered empty when nothing is for sale (regardless of what else may be on the vendor)
    • It should no longer be possible to register an empty vendor
    • Vendors can no longer be renamed
    • Fixed the subject of vendor emails sent when a sale expires
    • An email will now be sent to citizens when someone registers to run for mayor
    • Fixed text in some city maintenance emails
    • Street lamps can now be placed closer to buildings
    • Attempting to harvest a resource that a creature does not have will now give an error message rather than randomly distributing a different resource
    • Fixed the level displayed when those with the appropriate skill examine a baby creature
    • Added milk to a few more creatures
    • Mask scent and Conceal should now function
    • Fixed many ship part/component schematics
    Squad Leader:
    • The speed of squad leader commands is no longer based on your equipped weapon's speed
    • Squad leader commands now only apply their affects to groups members of the appropriate faction and standing relative to the squad leader
    • Fixed the skill needed for certification with the Black Sun Executioner's Hack
    • Stats on looted items will now have more variability
    • Weapons no longer decay when cloning and no longer can be insured
    • Fixed the formula for decay based stat reduction for weapons/armor/vehicles
    • Broken armor now offers no protection
    • Statues, fountains, and street lamps should now have pickup/move/rotate radial menu options when dropped in a building
    • Firework show packages are now functional
    • Throwpillow schematic now has two additional variants
    • Added functionality to treasure maps
    • Mandalorian armor now has it's profession restrictions
    • Added player unity (marriage)
    • Added /registerwithlocation command for those with the appropriate skill
    • Adjusted the formula for secondary stat (strength, quickness, willpower) ham cost adjustment
    • Players will no longer lose faction points if killed by a factional NPC. PvP deaths still cause faction point loss.
    • It should no longer be possible to set an invalid skill title
    • All species should now be able to learn and use all of the languages appropriate to them
    • Newly created characters should now all start knowing the appropriate language skills
    • Deleted characters can now be removed from friends list and structure permission lists
    • It is no longer possible to place structures outside of planetary boundaries
    • Structure damaged emails now include the planet name that the structure is on
    • Player structures that run out of maintenance will now deduct funds from a players bank account (if present) prior to decaying
    • Guilds can now be renamed
    • Emails are now sent to guild members when a guild name changes, guild leader changes, or when a guild is disbanded
    • Guild naming/renaming now properly checks the naming filter
    • Guild leaders are now able to kick members from the guild management terminal
    • /guildremove can now be used to kick other members
    • Added nearest mission for group way point functionality
    • Reduced vehicle repair prices
    • A vehicle's name will now signify when it has been disabled
    • Vehicles now have resists
    • A vehicle can no longer be generated while indoors
    • /purchaseticket can now be used to purchase round trip tickets or to purchase tickets for other departure locations
    • /purchaseticket now requires one to be close to a travel ticket terminal
    • It should no longer be possible for terrorists to destroy a shuttle
    • Added /who command
    • Added Veteran reward system
    • Added /flashspeeder command usable by those who have selected the flash speeder as a veteran reward
    • Color codes are now filtered out of item names during crafting and when vendors/bazaar sends in game mails
    • Setting a way point name no longer toggles the way point
    • General chat is now an auto joined chat channel
    • When bait is lost while fishing, the rest of the stack will now be fresh
    • It should no longer be possible to ignore chat from a staff character
    • Added/improved more staff commands
    by Published on 11-15-2014 04:56 PM   

    Basilisk Publish 6 Merge

    November 16th 2014
    The SWGEmu Team

    Basilisk Publish 6 Merge - Sunday, November 16th 2014 1AM EST

    On Sunday, November 16th, at 1AM EST (Check your local time here) Basilisk will be taken offline. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA on when it will be back. During this time, the code from Nova will be merged with the Basilisk code.

    This means that any changes that were made on Nova, will now be on Basilisk.

    As it is with every merge, its expected to be unstable for the next week or so and bugs are
    inevitably going to pop up. Any and all bugs found should be reported on our Bug Tracker (Mantis). If you don't know how to report bugs, you can find more info here.

    Basilisk patch notes will be added at the beginning of the merge.
    • If you need support please submit a ticket to support or join us at live support.
    • As always TC: Nova and Basilisk server status are available on our front page www.swgemu.com or on our IRC #status channel.
    • TC:Nova will be online during the merge.
    We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your continuous support. We hope to see you on Basilisk as soon as it's back online.

    ~ The SWGEmu Team
    by Published on 05-18-2014 10:30 AM   

    Publish 5: Pets and Race Tracks

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    Publish 5: Pets and Race Tracks

    • Improved server stability
    POI/Cave/World - Added spawns to the following locations:
    • Corellia: Lord Nyax Cult (outside), Rebel vs. Imperial minor poi, Research Camp
    • Endor:Ewok Lake Village, Korga Cave, Dulok Village
    • Naboo: Emperor's Retreat, Gungan Sacred Place, Mauler Stronghold (inside), Theed
    • Tatooine: Tusken King quest area (no quest yet, just spawns)
    • Fixed and/or added a few no build zones
    • Open Magseal containers will now relock on occasion
    • Magseal containers should no longer double spawn loot
    • Adjusted respawn timer on many static spawns
    • Babies now spawn in the wild with varying rarities
    • Many common npcs will now have random names
    • Fixed stats and/or tamability on several creatures
    • Lairs should spawn on cliff sides less frequently
    • Lairs should no longer spawn quite as close to one another
    • Some lairs now have a chance to spawn a boss (just a few, more will come later)
    • Increased junk dealer payouts (newly looted items only)
    • Adjusted loot and loot chances on all Dathomir NPCs
    • Added clothing as possible loot from most NPCs
    • Several weapons that were not dropping as loot before are now able to
    • More varieties of armor can now be found in loot
    • Newly looted armors can now be sold to junk dealers
    • Many more types of items can now be found inside locked containers
    • Locked containers will now indicate if they are slicable or not when examined
    • Loot with negative value stats will no longer be worse from higher level mobs than from lower ones
    • Adjusted the possible stat ranges on Nightsister Armor Shards
    • Grouped missions now have increased payouts
    • Missions with npc targets no longer use the same titles/descriptions as creature missions
    Theme Parks/Quests/Dungeon
    • Added the Theed Palace Librarian with trivia quiz
    • Added Singular Nak quest
    • Fixed return waypoint for Han Solo in the rebel themepark
    • Added Nitra Vendallan quest
    • Added Lareen Dantara quest
    • Added Aaph Koden quest
    • Added Kathikiis Ruwahurr quest
    • Added conversations to 3 NPCs in the Geonosian Bio-Lab
    • melee toughness skill mods now only apply vs. melee attacks
    • Destroying a lair should now grant experience
    • It should now be possible to swap weapons with a full inventory
    • There is now a small chance to successfully /stand while dizzy
    • Weapons without a powerup will no longer artificially cap their speed at 1.0
    • Weapon powerups should now always adjust weapon stats as expected
    • Faction pets can now be purchased
    • Fixed some recruiter conversations

    • Harvesters should no longer shut off prematurely
    • Harvesters should now shut off properly when the hopper is full
    • Harvesters resource selection screens will no longer list twice (or at all) resource spawns that have expired
    • The contents of creature habitats can now be released
    • Resource spawns that have expired can no longer continue to be surveyed and/or sampled for a time
    • Pet stimpacks and vitality packs can now be crafted and are functional
    Bounty Hunter:
    • An arakyd droid can now only be launched once
    • Bounty hunter mission fail messages are now sent to the mission owner rather than the one who kills the target
    • Bounty mission targets spawning on a planet other than the hunter's current planet should no longer spawn in water or buildings
    • /setintimidate and /setwarcry now function
    Combat Medic:
    • Willpower area B disease packs now affect willpower instead of strength
    • Area heals will now also heal yourself (if you are in the area)
    • Adjusted the amount healed by /healmind
    • /healmind can no longer be used on duel or guild war opponents
    Creature Handler:
    • The taming of babies is now functional. See pet section for more details on what pet functionality is currently working. *Note: Bio-engineered pet deeds are still non-functional.
    • Area cures will now also heal yourself (if you are in the area)
    • /healenhance and /healstate will now automatically choose an attribute/state if one is not specified
    Droid Engineer:
    • Droid Deeds can now be crafted
    • Droids can now be generated from deeds - see pet section for more details on what pet functionality is working. *Special Note: droid modules are not yet functional
    • Droid Repair kits and droid reconstruction kits can now be crafted and now function
    • Droid customization kits can now be crafted and now function
    • Fixed several schematics so they are now craftable and/or require the correct ingredients
    • Band flourishes can once again be used by any group member
    Image Designer:
    • Holo-emotes are now functional
    • Fixed action shot 1 bleed
    • You will now most likely fall down if you attempt to /takecover while dizzy
    • /tendwound should now cause the correct number of focus/willpower wounds
    • Vendor ad barking messages can now be up to 128 characters long
    • Shop signs can now be changed
    • NPC vendor appearance is now much more random
    • Access fees may now be placed on a structure by any admin with the correct skill rather than only by the owner
    • Access fees may no longer be set at more than 50,000 credits
    • Vendor item limit skill mod is now a total limit across all vendors rather than a per vendor limit
    • The contents of containers placed on vendors will now count towards a player's item limit. *Special note: all currently listed items will not be tallied correctly. To fix, withdraw and re-list your sales
    • Fixed a bug that would cause items on vendors to delete themselves under certain circumstances
    • Vendors in a structure that is destroyed will now properly be destroyed as well rather than ending up in the void
    • A merchant with vendors stuck in the void can now create new vendors (the missing vendors will be deleted when you start creating a new one)
    • The /bandflourish argument for chidinkalu horns is now "chidinkalu" rather than "flutedroopy"
    • Added additional rules to validation of player city names
    • City wide emails can now be sent by mayors to their citizens
    • Fixed ingredients required to craft Lok camo kit
    • You will now receive a system message when entering/exiting your own camp
    • Harvesting creatures inside interior locations now only yields 1 unit of resource
    • Using /destroystructure on a camp will no longer leave the no-build active area behind
    • Fixed a few schematics
    • Mission terminals now have a slice radial menu option
    • Fixed damage multiplier on Two Handed Area 3 attack
    • Fixed ingredients for Droidsmith's Toolkit
    • Fixed the grand ball gown so it will craft with sockets
    Teras Kasi Artist:
    • Increased the duration of the dizzy effect from the unarmed dizzy 1 attack
    Pets - The following is the current state of pets:
    • A non-Creature Handler can have two creature pets stored in their datapad and can have one non-aggressive pet active (max CL 10) at a time
    • A Creature Handler can store and control creature pets according to their current skill mods
    • A player can have up to five droids stored in their datapad and one active at a time
    • A player can have up to three faction pets stored and three active at a time
    • It should be impossible to trade a pet to someone who cannot control it (or if they are at their max number stored)
    • Pets can be called/stored in public buildings or outdoors
    • Droids require power to operate and can be recharged with droid batteries or power droids
    • Pets can be trained commands
    • The following commands are currently functional: follow, stay, store, follow other, group, recharge other (power droid only), trick1, trick2, transfer, attack (pets can only attack players for now)
    • Pets can be named
    • /tellpet is functional
    • Tamed babies will grow over time
    • Pet growth can be arrested if it will grow too large to be trained as a mount
    • Eligible pets can be trained as a mount
    • /gallop and /gallopstop are functional
    • Mounts will slow down when in combat (unless galloping)
    • Basic attacks can be done while mounted and not galloping (though a mount cannot attack while it has a rider)
    • Pets can be fed and will be buffed by pet restricted buff food
    • /emboldenpets and /enragepets are functional
    • Certain emotes when used with your pet as a target will elicit a reaction
    • Creature and droid pets will lose vitality upon death (Faction pets die permanently)
    • Pet owners have an "incapacitation recovery" radial menu option to revive incapacitated pets
    • You can now equip 2 rings (and anything else that should have more than one possible slot)
    • When boarding a shuttle, any active pets or vehicles will be stored
    • The following wearable skill mods are now disabled: medicine use, combat medicine use, additional pets, stored pets, creature taming bonus, combat medic effectiveness
    • Added a potential fix for certain characters' filling not reducing. If you have a character in this state, please log it on, wait 1/2 an hour, and let us know if your filling went down
    • A player is now limited to 3 vehicles stored in their datapad at once
    • A player must now be close to a shuttle to board it
    • /findfriend now only requires that you be the target's friend
    • You should no longer be able to overload your inventory when retrieving filled containers from a vendor/bazaar
    • You can no longer /addignore yourself
    • Ignoring a player will now block duel requests, trade requests, group invitations, planet chat, and auction chat from the ignored player
    • It should no longer be possible to trade no-trade items by putting them inside a container and trading the container
    • Shuttle ticket prices should now always display properly
    • Guild halls no longer need to be redeeded to recreate a guild (not retroactive)
    • Guild leaders can no longer be kicked from or leave a guild (temporary until guild elections are implemented)
    • Added the following race tracks: Agrilat Swamp, Keren City, Mos Espa, Narmle Memorial Rally, Lok Marathon, and Nashal River Race
    • Added galaxy-wide auction chat channel (/auction or /auctionsay)
    • /planet will now send chat to planet chat channel
    • /movefurniture and /rotatefurniture no longer work on players or pets
    • Many admin commands have been implemented/improved to better allow QA/CS personnel to enforce rules and diagnose problems
    • Added 100 million credit limit to housing maintenance and city treasuries
    • Fixed issue causing pholokite extrusive ore to only ever spawn on Lok
    • Using /waypoint will create a waypoint at the location of your target if no location is specified
    • When logging in you now should only see friend's list messages for online friends
    • Friend's list offline messages should no longer be sent each time a player is loaded from the database
    • Staff characters will now have their tag displayed when chatting in any channel or via tells instead of just in spatial

    *A special thanks to Ivojedi for putting the list together

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division
    by Published on 05-14-2014 11:26 AM   

    Basilisk Publish 5 Merge

    May 18th 2014
    The SWGEmu Team

    Basilisk Publish 5 Merge - May 18th 2014

    On Sunday, May 18th, 5 am EST (11 am CET), Basilisk will be taken offline. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA on when it will be back. During this time, the code from Nova will be merged with the Basilisk code.

    This means that any changes that were made on Nova, will now be on Basilisk.

    As it is with every merge, it's expected to be unstable for the next week or so and bugs are
    inevitably going to pop up. Any and all bugs found should be reported on our Bug Tracker (Mantis). If you don't know how to report bugs, you can find more info here.

    Basilisk patch notes will be added at the beginning of the merge.
    • If you need support please submit a ticket to support or join us at live support
    • As always TC: Nova and Basilisk server status are available on our front page www.swgemu.com or on our IRC #status channel.
    We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your continuous support. We hope to see you on Basilisk as soon as it's back online.

    ~ The SWGEmu Team
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