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    by Published on 01-02-2011 02:54 PM

    Launch of the New SWGEmu Site
    Communications Division

    Over the past few months, the development team and website development team have been working on building and improving an efficient, stable website. With our current website, crashes and down times have happened because of plugins, database errors, clutter, and degradation. Due to these many problems, we decided a few months ago that a new solution was necessary.

    Aside from the previously listed problems, separate log ins were required for each service provided (forum, IRC, Mantis, wiki and TC). The new website, powered by vBulletin Suite 4.1, will incorporate each individual service into the same account login name and password. This allows for better consistency for the users as well as the moderators being able to separate infractions to each individual service. Please note that the new IRC server is not ready at this time but all of the other services are using the new global registration system.

    As stated in previous updates, we have decided that the simplest and most efficient way of opening up this new website for use is by starting fresh. The old services are being kept as an archive for Staff to reference so all the highly valued work done on research and bug reporting is not lost. All accounts in both poor and good standing will be wiped clean and all are welcome to return and sign up for the new site and services. We hope that each and every one of you takes this opportunity to contribute to our great community and make it even better than it was before.

    In order to re-register for the new website, users will need to proceed to www.swgemu.com/registration and click on, "Transfer Existing Account". Even if you have an existing account on SWGEmu, you can choose the option, "Create New Account", to get a new name as long as that name is not already taken on the new or old site. If creating a new, your join date, post count, and birthday will not be transferred. If transfering your account, you will be prompted to enter in your current SWGEmu forum credentials and click "Register". This will automatically create your account for each service on the SWGEmu network and transfer over your join date, birth date, and post count. Please be aware that names must be 3-40 characters in length and only contain letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores and spaces. If your old username does not comply to these conventions, you will be prompted to enter a new, unused username when re-registering. Once registration is complete, then you can proceed to the use all the features of the new site. Please note that the new IRC server is not ready at this time.

    While the main purpose of building the new website is to streamline and improve on the old, there are a few additions to the new website and forums as well. Besides multiple new themes already available, there will be a new area of the forum created especially for "Forum PvP". This OPT-IN area will be a place where the rules are relaxed and players are allowed to let loose on other players about in-game battles, strategy, etc. Be aware that mentioning racist or other inappropriate topics of conversation is still going to be strictly moderated (see the special forum rules for the full details). We hope those of you who choose to opt-in to this area will enjoy, "The Sarlacc Pit".

    The new Announcements section has been reworked to focus on three distinct areas: Project Updates, Test Center Updates and Test Center Events. The new Blog feature of vBulletin Suite 4.1 will be the place to find new Developer Chat Logs. If you need to have your registration email resent then that link is in the navigation bar under Support.

    The new Project Development section is basically the same as the old Development section. The Professions have been grouped for easier navigation from the main forum page.

    The new Support section has been reworked to include three distinct areas: Site Services Issues, Test Center Issues and Community Support (Unofficial). The previous Support area for reporting bugs is now in the navigation bar.

    The new Test Center section has been reworked from the old SWGEmu section. This is now for all SWGEmu and Public servers. Please post non-TC things in the appropriate General forum area and leave the new Test Center section for what is currently on the servers.

    The new General section is basically the same with the inclusion of the SWGEmu Discussion from the old SWGEmu section and a brand new forum called The Sarlacc Pit. The General Discussion and The Sarlacc Pit have different, relaxed rules from the rest of the forums so please be aware before entering.

    The navigation bar is the master link to all the SWGEmu services including links to Facebook, Twitter, IRC Web Client and Dev Tracker.

    In the end, we hope that all of this effort gives each community member a better and more professional experience while on the SWGEmu network of services.