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    by Published on 05-14-2012 09:54 PM   

    Pre-NGE Teach Window Screenshot Needed

    The SWGEmu Development Division


    Looking for a Pre-NGE Teach window screenshot. CU or Pre-CU doesn't matter. Please do not post screenshots from Nova/Liberator.

    Please post all screenshots here.

    by Published on 08-12-2011 11:59 AM   

    Current Testing Information

    SWGEmu Development Division

    Current Testing Information

    As we grow nearer to the End of Liberator (EOL) milestone, the SWGEmu Development and Quality Assurance teams would like to invite the community to begin rigorously testing the Nova Test Center, and reporting their bugs through the Mantis web interface.

    Last updated Sep. 4, 2011

    The current Testing Focus is as follows:
    • Structures
      • Sign positions for every structure type. (Please specify the type and model of structure when making bug report!)
      • Destroying buildings that have items inside.
      • Destroying all items in house via radial menu on structure terminal.
      • Finding lost items with the Find Lost Items option on the radial menu.
      • Structure status refreshing.
      • Naming.
      • Permissions.
      • Storage.
      • Entering without permission.
      • /eject command.
      • Transferring structures.
      • Email and waypoint are correct.
      • Structure related commands.
      • Anything else structure related.
    • Travel
      • Purchasing of tickets.
    • Crafting
      • Weapons.
      • Armor.
      • Clothing.
      • Structure deeds.
      • Using factory crates in creation of components and objects.
      • Using components in crafting.
      • Using identical components in crafting.
    • Factories
      • Operation.
      • Inserting schematics.
      • Output and input hoppers.
    • Combat System
      • Combat profession skills need tested in order to make sure they function correctly.
      • A "Combat Focus Testing Arena" has been setup outside of Kor Vella on Corellia. Coordinates are -2739 2522. Creatures have been spawned in this arena. We'd like to ask that players not looking to test combat stay clear of this area if possible.
    • Creature AI
      • Disease, Dizzy, Poison, Blind, etc from creatures needs tested. Please make sure to check your combat log for error messages.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Character Builder Terminals and a Clone Center have been placed in the "Combat Focus Testing Arena".
    • General Testing
      • Character creation (customization, starting skill, and items).
      • Skill learning (use the Character Builder Terminals).
      • Unlearning Skills (make sure the schematics, certifications, and skill modifiers are dropped). Unlearn these manually from the skill window and from the unlearn menu on the Character Builder Terminal.
    Please remember, that you aren't required to test on the Nova Test Center for any specific amount of time. If you want to get on and test for 10 seconds, be our guest. We do ask that you report the bugs you find, but please please please be specific. Also, please don't submit reports about needing in-game support or things that aren't Pre-CU features. These things just slow down the project's progress.

    Please remember to check your bug tickets fairly often in case we need additional feedback!

    Thanks everyone.

    ~ SWGEmu Development Division