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    by Published on 03-07-2017 09:14 PM   

    REMINDER: RL Monetary Trades in-game are a bannable offense

    March 7, 2017
    The SWGEmu Staff

    REMINDER: RL Monetary Trades in-game are a bannable offense

    Lets start off with a quote from our SWGEmu Test Center & Basilisk Rules & Policies

    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post

    1.7. On SWGEmu Servers, all accounts and characters used for financial gain will be deleted/banned. It is forbidden to use your account for:
    • 1.7.1. Soliciting real life monetary trades.
    • 1.7.2. Purchasing of in-game credits or items for real life currency.
    • 1.7.3. Exchange of in-game items/credits for real life items.
    • 1.7.4. Exchange of in-game items/credits for items/currency from other games.
    Basilisk and TC: Nova are temporary test servers, which means everything you have on them, every character, item or credit will be eventually wiped when SWGEmu project is complete. SWGEmu project is free, and everything in game is free and available to anyone willing to put in time and some effort to obtain it by just playing.

    Now that we have that out of the way, lets reiterate. Buying or selling of in-game items and/or credits is against our rules and is a bannable offense. Credits transactions are logged and if caught all those involved will be permanently banned from any and all of our services. SWGEmu does not in any way support nor does it condone any real life monetary trades for in-game items and/or credits.

    Anyone who has purchased credits or in-game items, even if their account has not been banned, should ask for a chargeback immediately and report credit/item seller to paypal or their bank as a scammer.

    Furthermore we will be instituting a "Snitch" program, for those caught or just willing to help us and themselves and get a fresh start on SWGEmu servers. If you bought credits/items and you got caught, you will be offered an option to start fresh with a new account if you cooperate and help us get rid of those breaking our rules and ruining the emulator for everyone.

    ~The SWGEmu Staff
    by Published on 02-21-2017 06:50 PM   

    Vlada's 10th cake day giveaway

    February 21st 2017
    The SWGEmu Staff

    Since its my 10th SWGEmu cake day...

    I decided to organize an event of a sort. Well more of a treasure hunt.

    Somewhere in the galaxy hidden away in plain site is my toon...

    ADK went to Mobyus1...

    Second one went to Kom'rk

    Veplo got the self-pwered harvester

    Good luck and ...

    P.S. Since I am a lazy bastard and cant be bothered to keep looking at my screen while you look, if you find me and I don't reply to your tells, please message me on forums or on IRC.
    by Published on 09-08-2016 07:51 AM   

    Veteran rewards coming back to Basilisk, but with a twist

    September 2016
    The SWGEmu Staff

    Veteran rewards coming back to Basilisk, but with a twist

    On September 17th 2016. we will be re-enabling Veteran rewards on Basilisk. Now for the twist part... Please try to keep an open mind and remember that Basilisk is still our development tool and that we are all helping test. We will be wiping the records of all previously claimed Veteran rewards, so everyone will be able to get the Vet rewards of their choice again even if they previously claimed it.

    PLEASE NOTE: No previously claimed Vet rewards will be deleted, just the records of them being claimed will be removed from the database.

    Thank you for your patience, your understanding and continuous support.

    ~The SWGEmu Staff
    by Published on 05-17-2016 06:13 AM

    SWGEmu Recruitment

    SWGEmu Quality Assurance
    Community Tester Program

    Quality Assurance team - Community Testers Program (non-staff) recruitement

    Community Tester APPLICATION
    • Name of applicant (last name optional):
    • Age of applicant:
    • Email address:
    • Forum, Mantis, and IRC nickname:
    • Time zone:
    • Times you are most often available:

    SWG Knowledge/Experience:

    • When did you start playing SOEs retail SWG? (dates or publish specific):
    • What primary profession(s) did you play Pre-CU?
    • What other profession(s) have you tried Pre-CU?
    • What other experience do you have from Pre-CU?
    • How long have you been following this project?

    QA/Testing Experience:

    • Do you have any previous/current experience in testing/QA? If so, please explain:
    • Situational Assessment: A player comes to you in-game or on IRC/forums with a possible new bug. What is your immediate course of action?
    • Fill out a bug report. You may either link a report you submitted on Mantis previously or make up a new one using the form below.
    Report Details (feel free to include screenshot(s) if applicable):

    • Please add anything else you would like, to support your application:

    Please send reply to [email protected]

    ~ The SWGEmu QA team
    by Published on 12-19-2015 06:51 PM   

    Vendors disappearing and possible Basilisk Rollback

    December 19th, 2015
    SWGEmu Staff

    Vendors disappearing and possible Basilisk Rollback - 12/19/15

    Well something got messed up pretty bad. Unfortunately bunch of vendors, shuttleports and starports went poof. While we are investigating the issue, we are making backups and trying to find the underlying cause. At the moment the worst case scenario would be a rollback. If that happens, and we are hoping it wont have to come to that, all characters created in the last few hours, all items looted or crafted, all XP gained, all skill boxes trained, pretty much everything you've done after the last backup, will no longer exist in the database, and for all intents and purposes will be gone.

    Rest assured that we are trying to resolve this as painlessly as possible, and we will do everything in our power to avoid item or character loss.

    Backing up the server takes approximately 90 minutes and a reboot will take a few hours on top of that, so we are looking at 4 hours downtime at least. Of course, in situations like this its very difficult to predict how long it might take and how many restarts might be needed.

    Thank you for your patience and support.

    ~The SWGEmu Team
    by Published on 06-10-2015 08:20 PM   

    Join Staff - SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support training program

    June 2015
    The SWGEmu

    Greetings SWGEmu Community!

    As a volunteer project, SWGEmu is constantly looking for new community members to step up and assist and support the community. If you are interested in taking on the responsibility of an SWGEmu Staff member to further our goals, we encourage you to take the time to apply for our SWGEmu
    EC/CSR/Support training program.

    The SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support training program is designed to introduce community members to different aspects of the duties and responsibilities of the SWGEmu Staff, while giving them a chance to develop a close relationship and eventually join the SWGEmu Staff team.

    The following are the minimal requirements to be accepted into to this program:
    • Professionalism
    • Excellent work ethic
    • Positive attitude
    • Ability to work and learn in a team environment
    • Sufficient free time
    • Knowledge of the SWGEmu Project is required

    Program Details
    1. Apply to the SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support training program by submitting an application (see below).
    2. After reviewing the application, an interview may be offered to accept or decline the volunteer.
    3. Once accepted for SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support training program, the volunteer will be mentored by a member of the SWGEmu Staff for a period of 2 months.
    4. During these 2 months, the intern will assist in IRC, on forums and on Live support.
    5. After the SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support training period has ended, an evaluation will be completed by the SWGEmu Staff to determine if the SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support trainee has met all duties and expectations expected of them.
    6. The trainee may then remain as a support assistant or apply for an available position in the SWGEmu Staff.
    7. If accepted, an apprenticeship period of 4-8 weeks will begin and the apprenticeship will work closely with the staff member of the department they applied for.
    8. At the end of the apprenticeship, another evaluation will be completed to determine if the intern would be a good fit for the chosen SWGEmu Staff department.
    9. If accepted, the apprentice will be offered the opportunity to join the SWGEmu Staff as a full-time member.
    10. The new SWGEmu Staff member will perform their department's duties as well as continue assisting with Support.
    Upon completion of the internship period, the following positions may be applied to for apprenticeship:
    • Support Staff (Community Support Representative)
    • Event Coordinator
    • Community Relations (Forum Moderator)
    We are very excited to be offering this program to our community. It is our hope that it will bring forward community members that want to help SWGEmu succeed and provide our Community with the best experience possible.

    Submitting Your Application

    Please complete the application below and email it to [email protected] with 'SWGEmu Internship Application' as the title and the application attached. If you are selected to participate, we will contact you by email informing you of such and provide information about the next step in the process.

    What is your forum account name?

    What is your in-game character name?

    What is your IRC nickname?

    What is your age?

    What is your profession in real life? If you are a student, what are you studying?

    What time zone do you live in? What times/days of the week will you usually be available to spend time assisting in Live Support?

    Do you know any current or former staff members? If so, how?

    How long have you been following this project?

    Why do you want to become a member of the SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support training program?

    Please write a short paragraph detailing what Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies means to you.

    If you are accepted into the SWGEmu EC/CSR/Support training program and are looking at applying for a SWGEmu Staff position, what position would you apply for and why?

    ~The SWGEmu Staff
    by Published on 05-26-2015 06:46 AM   

    SWGEmu AGPL Instructions and Requirements

    May 2015
    The SWGEmu Team

    SWGEmu AGPL Instructions and Requirements - May 26, 2015

    Greetings SWGEmu community, contributors, testers, players and everyone else that supports this project in any way. Some time has passed since we announced the release of Engine3 without any time restrictions (original announcement can be found at: Public Engine3 without time restrictions.) While finalizing necessary information and details was a somewhat lengthy process, we felt the need to ensure that we did our best at getting the setup right the first time. We apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience and support. And now without further ado:

    SWGEmu AGPL Instructions and requirements

    To enable communication and cooperation between all SWGEmu communities the licensing of core3 has been changed from GPL toAGPL. You can read the Core3 AGPL license here.

    The purpose of this change is to help ensure we all have an opportunity to pursue our wishes, share problems and resolutions openly, and maintain servers with greater stability. Included in the granted license is an updated version of the engine without any segfault timers. To be granted permission to use this license server admins will need to send and email to [email protected] with the following info:

    Our focus will be the ‘unstable’ branch. We encourage other servers to use either the unstable branch or the latest publish branch of code. Anything older will not be supported [1] at all. Unstable is aptly named and will likely have major bugs from time to time, but it also has the latest features. The latest publish branch should be more stable but will be further removed from our working code. Issues with code from the latest publish branch may need to be reproduced on the unstable branch before they can be addressed. Not all fixes for bugs found in the latest publish will be pushed to that branch of code.

    [1] SWGEmu Support shall encompass review and acceptance of bugs and fixes for the Unstable and the Latest Publish code branches. SWGEmu reserves the right to review and accept OR deny submitted bugs and/or patches. If the bug is accepted by SWGEmu, it can be addressed and fixed by SWGEmu and/or Community Servers.

    Licensees must not make a profit from SWGEmu or SWGEmu related activities.
    Donations may be accepted to cover operational costs related to server hosting management and/or development. Micro-transactions for in-game rewards or incentives are not permitted.

    1. Administrator's name and email.
    2 persons (Primary and Alternate) that are responsible for the proper operation of the individual servers will be considered administrators.

    2. Host specifications and location:
    Ex. SWGEmu Server specs

    3. Summary of intent:
    This is a brief description of server options.
    Ex. pre-9 jedi, tef, char limits, etc
    *SWGEmu will maintain current goals

    4. Login instructions for users:
    To include but not limited to any information required for community members to log-in to the server.
    Examples: SWGEmu Account Registration, How to Install SWGEmu, SWGEmu Rules and Policies.

    5. Link to Open source repository:
    Open source repo’s will need to include but not be limited to:
    All Core3 files required to properly build and run the server. (core/scripts)
    (Ex. http://review.swgemu.com/ )

    6. A Contributor License Agreement is also required to push code back to swgemu core3.
    SWGEmu will review any code submissions that stay within our project goals. The CLA can be signed digitally once you have created an account on Gerrit Code Review.

    Systems currently implemented in support of community interaction.

    SWGEmu will host a new, official IRC channel for cross server cooperation. Please join #swgemuservers. Channel permissions to be determined. SWGEmu Leads to be channel owner. (Please register and identify your IRC nickname.) This channel is strictly moderated and is subject to SWGEmu Rules and Policies. Treat others with dignity and respect at all times.

    SWGEmu will also add sub-sections to the forums for the various servers. Each approved-license server can chose 2 representatives that will have their SWGEmu forums titles changed to “Server Name” Representative. These forums are strictly moderated and are subject to SWGEmu Rules and Policies. Treat others with dignity and respect at all times.

    Other systems to be implemented in support of community interaction.

    SWGEmu Development Wiki - Started

    Open source repository listing for shared server-side code, debug info, dev tools, qa tools, or any code or info in support of but not deemed to be within the current goals of SWGEmu. (Ex’s. https://github.com/Scurby , Scrapbook) - Declare a ‘community repo’

    Shared server mantis bug-tracker and knowledge base. The possibility of using in-game bug reporting/knowledge base to be explored. Setup a api/mantis hookup to post crash bugs. - Research and test.

    Important note

    Engine3 is fully owned and copyrighted and is not included in the AGPL licensing. SWGEmu is granted permission by the owner to use and distribute versions of Engine3 in support of Core3. Any questions concerning changes to Engine3 can be forwarded to the owner by SWGEmu for consideration.
    For your convenience we made an offline version of AGPL Instructions and Requirements shared as a downloadable pdf document. If you have any questions, need further clarification and/or guidance on the approval process or the above requirements feel free to contact Scurby, our QA leader on our IRC or email him at [email protected]

    SWGEmu reserves the right to make further changes to AGPL Instructions and Requirements. No changes will take place without a proper and timely announcement.

    Thank you all for your dedication and continued support.

    ~The SWGEmu team
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