• 12/30/2012 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    There is a Crucible+FishEye view of the latest and upcoming revisions. It operates similarly to the Assembla Timeline but may provide a more fluid approach that many may find more useful for keeping up-to-date.


    Total Commits: 6,220
    Last Commit: 04:13
    Commits this week: 18
    Total Lines of Code (LoC): 3,795,044
    Net change in LoC this week: 14

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are still being tested


    Revisions: 6203, 6212, 6213, 6214, 6215, 6216, 6219, 6220
    • (stable) [fixed] stability issues x4
    • (unstable) [fixed] stability issues x2
    • (unstable) [fixed?] ai able to attack their own faction players
    • (unstable) [fixed?] same type dot stacking


    Revisions: 6204, 6205, 6206, 6207, 6208, 6209, 6210, 6211, 6218
    • (unstable) [fixed] tendWound now reports positive number of healed wounds.
    • (unstable) [added] patch by Metal: Fixed Ancient Krayt exploit. Changed Corrected real pre-cu stats for spellweaver and elder / Mantis 0003206. Added Correct hit chance values for Ancient Krayt and Acklay.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Metal: Changed Varios creatures to be more pre-cu like in stats.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Fixed missing resources from warren creatures and set their resources to slightly higher than, but in similar proportions to their wild counterparts. Fixed aggressive Teraud loyalists and warren creatures to have enemy property
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Fixed Named, aggressive Rorgungans to have the enemy flag. Fixed Various vir vurs to have more than zero hide. Fixed Mountain ikopi spawns on Naboo to actually spawn. Fixed Scaled nightspiders to their proper size and lower meat amount.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Fixed attackability of lairs. Fixed combatants can now get military destroy missions.Added a bit of variety to faction mission targets.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch from bluree: Fixed Bela Vista Recruiter. Fixed Mandalorian boots crafting. Added Female Kwi, Bolma Prime & Gorax back to game. Fixed annoying server startup spam regarding duplicate creatures/npcs. Fixed issue with Berserker kahmurra.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by rommelrommel: Fixed purboles to be enemy.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: removed water from random spawn pool, Mantis 3608


    Revisions: 6217
    • (unstable) [added] Medical and Entertainer mods added to Detach HQ
    • (unstable) [added] Faction mission, mission, and bank terminals added to Detach HQ
    • (unstable) [changed] Changed location of uplink and power regulator terminals

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division