• [TESTING FOCUS] Current Testing Focus - October 2012

    TC NOVA: Current Testing Focus

    Developement Division - Quality Assurance

    At this time: The SWGEmu Development and Quality Assurance teams would like to invite the community to continue testing the Nova Test Center, and reporting their bugs through Mantis Bug Tracker. If you are unaware of how to report a bug, check out How to Report Bugs on Mantis Bug Tracker

    These are the current areas of focus for Community Testers:
    Items are colored by how critical it is to be tested.
    Green representing "Common Testing" - Non Essential in any way
    Orange Representing "Needed Testing" - Things that should be tested but are not a priority
    Red Representing "Critial Testing" - Things that are most important to be tested
    • All Avalible Professions
    • General Player Combat
    • Crafting of: Weapons, Strucutres, Clothing, Furniture, Objects/Items, and Domestics/Food & Drinks.
    • Player Cities and Player Associations
    • Factional Content: Factions, Faction Armor, Gaining/Losing Faction Points & Factional Combat.
    • Rebel Themepark
    • Content that causes Client Failures or Crashes
    Please Also: Join us in QAVille @ -4011 6723 on Naboo .
    Or Join us in #OpenQA in IRC

    If you have a question: Please do not hesitate to contact any QA Staff in: IRC, Forum PM, or by Email.

    SWGEmu Quality Assurance