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Smuggler -- Guide to the Profession
By: Wraith Alcon

�Pssst�.You over there! Yeah you, come over here�I word is you have been
asking a lot of questions and nosing around about certain items banned by
the Empire. Am I right? Heh, okay here is the deal�go to the back of the
Cantina and tell that ugly Rodian good ol� Devrik sent you. He will get you
what you need�if you have the credits!�

So you are interested in the dangerous profession of the Smuggler eh? Well I
think I can provide a few pointers!

The Smuggler profession is currently a Hybrid class with some Combat, some
Crafting, and some unique skills not found in any other profession in the
game. If you are looking for a good support class to another Combat class,
Smuggler is a good choice. However, a Smuggler can not be an effective
combat machine on his own.

As a Smuggler you will find an array of Spices to buff attributes, the
ability to Slice (upgrade) weapons and armor, reductions for perks/penalties
in the GCW (Galactic Civil War), and some of the best Pistol skills.

Starting Off:
Tip#1-Credits are your friend
You will need the Brawler�s Unarmed IV, as well as the Marksman�s Pistol IV
in order to qualify for Novice Smuggler. Pick a Brawler/Marksman class and
get to work fighting those little creatures outside of the city. Run
missions as much as you can to build up enough credits to train SCOUT and

Scout will let you harvest organics from the creatures you will be fighting
and gain Terrain Navigation to help you move through the wilderness. The
reason you will want those Organics is primarily to trade or sell on the
Bazaar because you will not be getting many credits from running your
missions. Scouting Experience is the most passive experience out there, and
lets you make use of all of your opponent�s body.

Medic will provide with the indispensable ability to heal yourself in
combat, something that can save your life whether at the beginning or end of
your career. All you need is organics (alternate reason for Scout) and then
non-organics like petrochem and water (which you will have to trade for or
purchase). This will also be useful when in groups and in the Medical Center
so you can heal your own wounds and not wait for others (However you do NOT
get experience for healing yourself, only others).

Check the Bazaar for Pistols as you need them. Currently the best pistol I
have seen is the DH17 PISTOL. However, not many Weaponsmith�s make them, so
you might have to ask around a bit (do a search for Weaponsmith).

When gaining Unarmed Experience make sure you are not tempted to use a
weapon!!! You want Unarmed Experience, and even if you use a few shots you
are taking away from possible Unarmed Experience. This will be the tougher
of the two to acquire.

So Now You Have Some Credits�WHAT TO BUY???:
Tip#2-Armor is your friend
What you will be spending money early on is Armor. DO NOT BUY BONE!!! Its
defense vs. Kinetic nil. You want a GOOD suit of Mabari Armorweave from a
GOOD Armorsmith. It should cost you anywhere from 5-8K in Credits. But it is
well worth it. It will cut damage taken in melee by over 50%.

If you don�t know a good Armorsmith (I.E. haven�t seen one around town) go
to the Bazaar and look for Mabari there in your area. Then send a mail to
the creator and see what is the best that they can make and what they will
charge for a full suit.

Be prepared to go through a suit of Mabari almost 1/week in the early
stages. So keep the Credits saved, you will need them later.

After you have some more you will want to upgrade the armor to Chitin which
has even better Kinetic defense. However a suit costs around 20K in credits.

You may be asking yourself, �Why is Kinetic so important?� Well the answer
is simple. All of those pretty creatures we are fighting are melee
creatures. You won�t be getting in blaster fights until you go to fight
Factional NPC�s, or maybe also some Gang members.

Phew�Master Pistol and Master Unarmed. *Sigh* I Still Have a Long Way to Go�
Tip#3-Anything that is worth doing is not easy.
That�s right, after cranking out ALL that pistol and unarmed experience, you
are ready to start working on Novice Smuggler. But lets step back first�

By now you should probably have a decent amount of credits sitting in the
bank, some decent armor, and if you are fortunate possibly a house.
Congratulations! But there is still a lot of work to do!

The only advise here is to stay on task and keep trucking along. You will
probably see other people doing a LOT more damage than you. Do not be
discouraged. With a good DH17 you can whip out a decent amount of damage,
but nothing as spectacular as a Commando or Teras Kasi.

To help finish off the Pistol/Unarmed experience you can try to find some
friends. If you have some tougher friends see about taking off-planet trips
to Dantooine to fight Huurtons. You can pull off a lot of quick experience
(and some nice Hides) in a short amount of time. And if you have really nice
and patient friends, they might even let you destroy the lair to get all the
experience from that!

Remember, its only 50,000 Pistol Experience until Novice Smuggler. That is
not too bad.

Special Moves:
Tip#4-Special Moves are your friend!
By now you should have some fun little shots that damage the Health bar, as
well as a fun little Bleed attack. Try to fire that off early in the fight
and let the bleed be a good DOT (Damage Over Time). Unarmed wise you will
also have some good moves for when things get a little too close for
comfort. Nothing is more fun that using a few Spin Attacks to take out 3+

But make sure to keep an eye on your HAM bars. These specials moves do cost
in the end.

Novice Smuggler, AKA Now Where Do I Begin???:
Tip#5-Friends are your�uhhh, well�friends.
Before we go any further we should take another step back and look at what
lies ahead of us. We will need 3 different types of experience to advance
all the lines of Smuggler: Pistol, Spice Crafting, and Slicing. So lets look
and see what we need�

Pistol Experience=Killing stuff with a pistol. No Problem.
Spice Crafting=Crafting some Spice using various types of specific Organics
and Inorganics. Hmmm�time to throw down some harvesters (more on this

Slicing=Playing the Smuggler mini-guessing game (more on this later).

For your own benefit in the near future now would be a good time to find
several types of people: a Weaponsmith, an Armorsmith, a Master Smuggler (or
Slicer would work), someone who knows good spots for resources (AKA: A
Surveyor), and a host of people you can go hunting tough enemies with.

You may be asking yourself, �Self, why do I need to know all these people?�.
We will get that right now!

Advancing Smuggler (Spices):
Tip#6-Spice is nice.
Good news! This is the quickest and easiest line to advance. Ask any crafter
and they will tell you grinding is a pain, but try and not to tease them
because you can go from the bottom tier to the top in only a few hours if
you have all the resources.

First thing is first. You need to lay down a Flora Farm or two (purchased
from an Artisan/Architect) along with a Wind Generator. The latter will
provide power for the former. Now would be the time to employ the Surveyor
friend to find you a good spot. ANY organic will do and quality will not
matter since Spices can not be experimented or enhanced at all. We need
quantity, not quality.

Next get your self 2-4 crafting tools (Generic or Food and Chemical). I
used 3. You will also need some metal, any will do, and you can just get
that from the Bazaar. Then wait for the Flora Farm to rack up some Organics.

Now sit back and start crafting�
SHADOWPAW. This spice gives the BEST
experience for the least amount of resources (30 total). You will receive
about 120 experience when you set the station to practice.

Before you know it you will be a Fence! Then you will be able to craft any
Spice there is! Congratulations!

Grey Gabak- (15 Vegetables/5Organic) Focus +500, 500s

Scramjet- (10 Meat/10 Reactive Gas) Strength +300, 700s

Shadowpaw- (25 Organic/5 Metal) Action/Quickness +250, Strength �100, 600s

Yarrock- (10 Wood/5 Cereal/5 Chemical) Mind +200, Focus/Willpower +100, 600s

Giggledust- (10 Organic/5 Bone/5 Flower) Action/Quickness +300, Focus �100,

Sweetblossom- (10 Flower/5Water/5 Metal) Health +100, Constitution +600,
Action/Quickness �100, Focus �200, 600s

Zypolene Droid Lubricant- (10 Chemical/10Gas/5 Metal)
Health/Strength/Constitution +250, 600s

Pyrepenol- (10 Water/5Chemical/10 Metal) Strength +300, Quickness �100,
Focus �50, 600s

Sedative H4b- (10 Organic/10 Meat/5 Metal) Health +400, Constitution +300,
Mind/Focus �100, 600s

Crash �N Burn- (15 Fruit/15 Vegetables/5 Metal) Mind +400, Focus +200,
Action/Constitution �200, 600s

Gunjack- (15 Cereal/15 Meat/1 Carbosyrup) Strength +500, Quickness �200,
Focus �100, 600s

Thruster Head- (15 Chemical/5 Meat/15 Gas) Mind +600, Focus +200, 400s

Booster Blue- (15 Copper/15 Chemical/15 Metal) Action/Quickness +400, 600s

Muon Gold (AKA-Bounty Hunter�s Bane)- (15 Water/15 Radioactive/15 Metal)
Mind/Focus/Will +500, 600s

Neutron Pixie (AKA Commando Killer)- (15 Gemstone/15 Mineral/15 Fruit)
Health +1000, Strength/Constitution +200, Action +500, Quickness/Stamina
+50, 800s

Advancing Smuggler (Slicing):
Tip#7-Its good to know people in high places.
Slicing is a pain in the butt early on, but if you know the right people it
can be a little less of a pain. There are several tools you will need as
well, the most important being a Laser Precision Knife. Don�t worry you can
craft them with 10 uses at Novice for 14 Metal.

The Slicing Mini-Game is this. When you begin to Slice you are given 2
choices. Cut the Red or the Blue wire. Guess wrong and you will fail and the
item will NEVER be able to be sliced again. Guess right and you then cut the
other wire and you are home free. Smugglers get 2 items to help them guess
though. The first is granted at Slicing II, and is a Flow Analyzer Node
(FAN), and takes 20 Metal/20 Copper. The FAN will grant you a roughly 70%
success rate which is helpful. At Slicing IV you will get the Molecular
Clamp, 50 Metal/40 Non-Ferrous, and will grant 100% success rate.

Remember that Master Smuggler/Slicer you befriended? Well now is the time to
buy some crates of either of these off of him. They will make your work much

At Novice Smuggler you will have the ability to slice containers. If you are
like me you probably thought that meant Backpacks and such�nope, it�s those
randomly dropped Locked Containers. If you had some foresight you would have
been collecting those things and telling your friends to save them for you
until now. Containers will give you 250 experience/successful slice, so that
means 20 slices for Slicing I, and 40 slices for Slicing II.

To reach Slicing II your best bet is to load up on Knives and Clamps and
head to a crowded place like the Coronet Starport. Sit down and shout out
that you are Slicing Locked Containers for free (you might want to make a
Macro). It will take awhile, but you only have to do it once.

At Slicing I you gain the ability to Slice Terminals. I have not found this
useful at all. Ideally you will receive more credits from the missions, but
unfortunately if you like to refresh a lot to find the perfect
direction/distance and enemies this will not be a big help. You can only
slice a terminal once every two minutes, and a successful slice gives you
100 experience. Slicing II is useful when sitting around slicing Containers
in between clients. At the Coronet Starport you can slice some terminals
while you wait for someone to bring you their Containers.

At Slicing II you can say goodbye to the Container grind, and hello to a new
grind. You will now be able to Slice Weapons, but now you also need a new
item�a Weapon Upgrade Kit (WUK) along with all your old toys. Remember your
Weaponsmith friend? Well now is the time to convince him to somehow pump out
crates of WUK�s and Weapons for you to Slice. Each Weapon gives 250
experience, just like Containers. This process will have to be repeated
several times to reach Slicing III, but much quicker than standing around
and shouting that you are Slicing Weapons. Also, now you will be able to
make FAN�s on your own.

At Slicing III you will be able to also Slice Armor. So now you find your
Armorsmith friend and repeat the same process with the Weaponsmith, except
now you get 100 Armor Upgrade Kits (AUK�s). Like Weapons, Armor gives 250
experience per Slice. But since people can wear up to 9 pieces of Armor and
generally only carry 1-2 weapons, you will probably get more business by the
person. However, grinding wise, you could still just have that Weaponsmith
pump out more low-end Weapons for you.

Slicing IV�FINALLY! Congratulations, you are a Slicer! You can make
Molecular Clamps on your own and can now get greater Slices on Weapons. The
grind is over!

A Slicer and a Spicer!
Tip#8 Business is Business
As a Slicer and a Fence you are now set up to make some real credits off of
other players. Although not many will order Spice from you, everyone and
their grandmother will want their Equipment Sliced.

Now you may be asking yourself�what do I charge? Well that is up to you.
Unfortunately there are no standards, only 2 general guidelines:
1) Charge a Flat Rate: Generally 1-3K
2) Charge by the % Increase: Generally 50-300 Credits/Percent Increase

Some Slice for free, some charge WAY too much, some don�t charge for a bad
Slice, some ask for more for a GREAT Slice, but it is all up to you. If you
want to be a Business man then make the customer happy and he will ALWAYS
seek you out first, and if anyone asks him if he knows a Slicer you will be
the one mentioned. But if you don�t want to Slice anyone�s equipment except
your friend�never put up the Slicer title on your character! You will get
bombarded with Tells.

Advancing Smuggler: Underworld�Its Not Just For Vampires or Werewolves
Anymore! (That�s a Joke)

Tip#9 It is good to practice PvP with your friends first before trying to
take on that Bounty Hunter with the Krayt Pistol.
Underworld is a unique line that gives some very interesting perks to the
Smuggler. Many will say it is the most useless line, and unless you are big
on the GCW (Galactic Civil War) it is. From reading the Official Forums,
however, I have found that the Development team does wish to completely
change this Line�but they are just not sure to what yet.

All of Underworld is based off of Pistol Experience. So I hope you enjoy
shooting and killing! The following is a breakdown of what you get at each
Rank. They are all unique skills and it is up to you to determine how you
can best use them:

Underworld I: Know all spoken Languages. (most people already do, however,
within their first few hours playing the game). Plus a 10% reduction in the
cost of all Faction Perks (anything you can buy from a Recruiter).

Underworld II: At this rank in PvP against other Overt Faction Members you
are only worth � the Faction Points for a Death, and when you die you only
lose � the Faction you would have.

Underworld III: Sell Out!!! This is one of the more worthless ones in my
opinion. With this you are able to visit the opposing Faction Recruiter and
sell your Faction for credits (I.E. Rebels would visit the Imperial
Recruiter and sell Rebel Faction). If you are like me you are scrambling to
get as much Faction as possible, and selling it for a few measly credits is
worthless. Currently the conversion is

Underworld IV: Another worthless skill in my opinion�this one allows you to
BUY Faction. Of course you can only buy up to 500, and the conversion is

Advancing Smuggler: Dirty Fighting (AKA The Coolest Line in Smuggler)
Tip#10 Don�t stand up while using Feign Death if you are at negative life.
This line holds within it some of the best pistol moves in the game
currently. The downside is that there is no increase in any pistol skills
such as Accuracy or Speed. Once again this is an issue that the Developers
are looking into. Ideally they would like to add some Unarmed abilities in
here as well as adding some of the aforementioned Accuracy/Speed/ect.
skills. Like Underworld, all of the Dirty Fighting line is based on Pistol

Dirty Fighting I: Here you get a really neat ability called Feign Death.
What this does is, on the next hit to you, you fall down and act to be
unconscious until you decide to stand up. PvE this means most creatures will
stop attacking you. PvP this means you CAN NOT BE DEATHBLOWED. Sounds good
eh? Well there is one catch�you can still be attacked. That means someone
can continuously deal you damage and wounds, only can not kill you. So
essentially if you are patient enough you can wait out your attacker, get
up, and heal up. PvP I don�t see much use for this except to piss the guy
off so he can�t DB you.

Dirty Fighting II: Panic Shot. Here we get a cone effect in which blasts are
sprayed to everything within, ideally �stunning� them for a few seconds. The
stun is actually a delay of 5-10 seconds. Just as the name implies this
attack is intended to be used if you get jumped and need a few seconds to
settle down and prepare yourself for combat�although chances are by that
time the fight is half way over, but you never know!

Dirty Fighting III: Now we are getting into the two best Smuggler combat
abilities. The one at this level is Lowblow. This is the shot aimed at the
kneecap, which consequently results in a knockdown. That�s right, the only
pistol Knockdown there is! This is GREAT news for our Teras Kasi/Smugglers
since it is a way to combat kiting. But it gets better�Unarmed Knockdown and
Lowblow run on 2 separate timers! I will let your imagination run wild�

Dirty Fighting IV: And here we are you Rogue! The cr�me de la cr�me: Last
Ditch, arguably the greatest and most beneficial pistol skill in the game
currently. With a decent pistol you can do over 4000 damage in one hit. And
for our PvP enthusiasts that can translate to a potential 1-hit kill. If you
are like me you are cleaning yourself up right now and maybe getting a new
pair of shorts! :D But there is a downside�the delay for your next action is
DRAMATICALLY increased. But it is a give and take, and worth the risk if in
a scenario where this attack would be�well�your LAST DITCH effort!

Master Smuggler!
Tip#11 Be happy with what you have, because chances are the grass is not as
green as it seems.
Now that wasn�t such a hard grind now was it? A little combat, a little
crafting�and look at you now! You�ve got combat skills, buffs, money making
skills, and some decent GCW bonuses. Did I mention that at Master level your
10% reduction of Faction Perks is upped to 25%? That�ll come in handy for
buying that Armor, Pets, or Base you always dreamed of�

Okay so Master Smuggler is not something EVERYONE will enjoy. And it is also
one of the things looking to be revamped to included possibly some passive
bonuses. But for now this is what we�ve got, and it is up to you to decide
if it is something you can use, or if your skill points are better spent

What Else?:
Tip#12-Love what you do and do what you love!
So you are a Master Smuggler right? That means you have 129 Skill points to
play around with. What else do you want to be? You can be pretty much
anything with that much to spare. Pick something that you will enjoy though.
Nothing is worse than playing something you HATE. Although the three obvious
paths are Pistoleer, Commando, and Teras Kasi.

Personally I have tried as many professions as I can to see what I like.
Doctor, Bio Engineer, Creature Handler, Weaponsmith, Architect, Teras
Kasi�Currently I am enjoying the devious route of the Smuggler and the art
of the Teras Kasi. Smuggler lets me help out my Guild, while at the same
time being a solid hybrid class to balance with Teras Kasi.

But the key is to find something you enjoy doing and then do it. If you end
up not liking it (like I didn�t like Bio-Engineer) then quit out. Even if
you pick up another class and like it better, don�t be afraid to quit out of
Smuggler. Better you are happy than not.

Gain personal experience first by �playing� with friends of different
professions. We have a class that contains some great skills, but no combat
abilities. It is best to know what you are capable of before trying to take
out that Overt guy hounding the Faction Terminals or Starport. Obviously
your big ones will be Lowblow and Last Ditch, plus whatever other tricks you
have up your sleeves. And by that I am most certainly referring to the
crates of Spice you should be carrying around for those �emergency�